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Our Programs

We Care Lawn Care Program

We care Lawn Care is a program geared toward helping the elderly and disabled with thier lawn care needs throughout the community. We understand that it gets hot in the summer and can get costly to individuals on a fixed income. We want to make it smooth and easy for them to help them have one less thing to worry about.

IMpossible Program

Our IMpossible program is a program that is going to assist in the development of the youth to help them get scholarships internship and be ready to face the world after High School. We take the one impossible and make it possible for kids and young adults to feel confident about themselves.

Believe Bags Program

Our Believe Bags program is a way to get out on the street and find out the needs and wants of the homeless. It may be basic necessities to the average citizen, however, to them it can be mood changing in a positive way to let them know that they are not alone.